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BaF2 Optical Crystals For Cross-Polarized Wave Generation

EKSMA OPTICS introduces [011] orientation BaF2 optical crystals (XPW crystals) for Cross-Polarized Wave generation.

Buy Online or Get Official Quotation at EKSMA OPTICS

EKSMA OPTICS is very excited to announce that new website has been launched. In order to ensure fast off-the-shelf delivery EKSMA OPTICS has developed a convenient solution to select and order laser components from stock.

Special Offer for Fast Off-The-Shelf Delivery for Non-Standard Dichroic Mirrors

EKSMA OPTICS has increased assortment of non-standard optics and wide selection of various dichroic mirrors has been added to online catalogue.

Online Catalogue Updates of Non-standard Nonlinear and Laser Crystals

EKSMA OPTICS publishes online catalogue updates of non-standard nonlinear and laser crystals. The manufacturer of photonics components has expanded its nonlinear and laser crystals product line and offers non-standard crystals for OEM and R&D customers.

Special Offer for Fast Off-The-Shelf Delivery for Non-Standard Optics

EKSMA OPTICS made a special online offer for non-standard substrates for laser mirrors and metal (Aluminium, Gold and Silver) coated mirrors.

EKSMA OPTICS becomes an ISO 9001:2008 Certificated Company

Optolita UAB doing business as EKSMA OPTICS, a manufacturer of optical components, nonlinear & laser crystals, Pockels cells and other laser optical components is proud to announce, that our production and sales procedures correspond to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard.

EKSMA OPTICS Is a Successful Recipient of FP7 European Research Grant

EKSMA OPTICS is proud to announce that it has been successful in securing a Framework Programme 7 Grant to support its role in the "Nanodetector" project.

Q-Switching and Pulse Picking BBO Pockels Cells Kits

EKSMA OPTICS announces newly developed BBO Pockels Cells Kits that includes our PCB series single and dual BBO crystals Pockels cell, Pockels cell's driver and power supply.

New Product Catalogue – Laser Components 2012

EKSMA OPTICS have released new printed product catalogue – Laser Components 2012. Regular product lines: Optical Components, Nonlinear and Laser Crystals, Nd:YAG LaserLine Components, Femtoline Components, Opto-mechanics, Optical Systems were updated and new products were added .

OEM DKDP Pockels Cell Kit For Lamp Pumped Nanosecond Lasers

EKSMA OPTICS offers Pockels cells kit for lamp pumped nanosecond lasers. High voltage through Pockels cell driver PCD-N-2 is applied to Pockels cell in order to inhibit oscillation.