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Here you can find interactive catalogue of our products or send request for printed copy. To request a catalogue please click the button below.
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Laser Components 2017

Full Laser Components 2016 catalogue includes: Optical Components, Nonlinear, Infrared, Laser, Terahertz crystals, Pockels cells and drivers, Nd:YAG LaserLine Components, Femtoline Components, Turn-key Lasers, Optical Systems, Opto-Mechanics.

Pockels Cells & Drivers

This catalogue chapter includes single and dual crystal BBO Pockels cells, DKDP Pockels and KTP Pockels cells. Various drivers for cavity dumping, Q-Switching, Pulse picking applications and complete Pulse Picking and Q-Switching solutions.

Optical Components

Optical Components includes various coatings, mirrors, lenses, windows, prisms, polarizing optics, UV and IR  optics, optical filters.

Nonlinear and Laser Crystals

A wide range of  nonlinear and laser crystals including crystals for stimulated raman scatering, passive q-switches, ovens, positioning mounts.

Nd:YAG Laser Line Components

Laser components - mirrors, polarizing optics, windows, lenses, Nd:YAG rods and nonlinear crystals for Nd:YAG laser fundamental and harmonic wavelengths applications.

Femtoline Components
Laser components - mirrors, windows, lenses, polarizing optics, laser prisms, laser crystals and nonlinear crystals for femtosecond applications. Especially for femtosecond Ti:Sapphire and Yb:KGW lasers fundamental and harmonic wavelengths.
Opto-Mechanical Components

Optical tables, positioners, mounts, motorized positioners and controllers, sets and many other items are offered for research laboratories.

Optical Systems

F-theta lenses, compact and zoom beam expanders, Gauss-to-Top hat beam shaping lens, variable attenuators for linearly polarized laser beam, variable wheels attenuators, beam dumps.

Optical Components Cleaning Instructions

 Recommendations for optics and crystals cleaning.

Useful Formulas & Constants

Physical constants, Etalon formulas, International system of units (SI) Prefixes, Common material properties, Snell's Law, Numerical aperture, Reflection Air/Material, Phase matching types of nonlinear crystals, Brewster's angle, Gausian beam, a rool of thumb choosing a lens, Nonlinear crystal thickness limited by group velocity mismatch, nonlinear crystal acceptances, total internal reflection angle, scaling law for laser radiation damage, etc.