Low Profile Two-Axes Aluminium Translation Stage of Side Control 860-0094-02

  • A rare opportunity to control an X-Y translation stage by access from a single side

For your convenience we have rotated the driving screw for X axis in the Translation Stage 860-0094-02 by 90°. Now it is situated parallel to Y axis adjustment screw, so the stage is controlled from a single side. This helps in optical schemes of great concentration.


In other aspects, including the specifications, the stage is the same as 860-0094.


Estimated delivery time: from 5 - 6 days

Code Weight Price Delivery Add to cart
860-0094-02 0.38 kg 461 $ 5 - 6 days To cart
Travel range

10 mm


1 µm

Tracking accuracy

2 µm

Reading accuracy

5 µm (½ division)

Load capacity:

15 kg
  5 kg


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