Laser Shelves 792

Laser Shelves are optional breadboards. They save space when installing a laser and other equipment beneath optical table tops. A shelf stays mechanically coupled to the table top. The shelves have a pattern of M6 holes.


Model 792-02 has M6 screws to attach directly to the bottom of a table top. So it can be used with any table top, with any support, or vibration isolation. Location of attachment (holes) can be standard, or specified by a customer.


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792-0209 900 26 kg 442 $ Request To cart
792-0219 1900 47 kg 532 $ Request To cart

Laser Ports in a Table Top are used to let a laser beam or cables through. Standard location of a port is chosen for use with the Laser Shelves 792.
When ordering, append letter "H" to the code of a Honeycomb Table Top e.g. 720-1020-H.



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