Polarizer Holder 840-0190

  • for Ø1" optics
  • can be used as an optical mount and rotation stage
  • accepts optics up to 9 mm thick
  • continunous 360° rotation with 2° scale gradation
  • lockable
  • roller bearings design
  • material: black anodized aluminium

Base of 840-0190 has beveled sides for fingers to rotate the platform by its knurled edge.


840-0190 Polarizer Holder can be transfomed into a rotation stage with a complementary insert platform 840-0190-A1, which should be ordered separately.


The platform has a pattern of M4 holes and a central Ø7-to-M6 hole. If you need to fasten to the central hole a unit with M4 mounting hole, you can slip an M4 screw through this Ø7-to-M6 combined hole (see the drawing for 840-0190-01).


Estimated delivery time: from 5 - 6 days

Code Weight Description Price Delivery Add to cart
840-0190-01 0.12 kg Polarizer holder 94 $ Request To cart
840-0190-A1 0.10 kg Insert platform 7 $ 5 - 6 days To cart
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