Large Adjustable Kinematic Optical Mount 840-0005

The super fine and stable Kinematic Optical Mounts 840-0005 and 840-0005-01 are designed for large and heavy optics.


840-0005-01 features an optional universal element holder that can be mounted on the backside of the stage to make it easily usable for testing of different optical parts of various sizes and shapes.


  • Long-term stability
  • Adjustment screw thread pitch – 0.35 mm
  • Vertical placement of the screws
  • Designed for optics  ⌀115÷250 mm, thickness up to 52 mm


Larger optics (up to ⌀500 mm) can be mounted to 840-0005-05 Precise Adjustable Kinematic Mount.


Estimated delivery time: from 5 - 6 days

Code Axes Weight Price Delivery Add to cart
840-0005 2 axes 10.1 kg 1361 $ Request To cart
840-0005-01 3* axes 10.3 kg 1788 $ Request To cart

* x axis translation range 30 mm.

Fine screw thread M6x0.35
Horizontal rotation range ±1.5°
Vertical yaw range ±1.5°
Sensitivity 0.5 arcsec
Load capacity
840-0005 10 kg
840-0005-01 6 kg
Compatible with optical elements:
Diameter 115÷250 mm*
Thickness up to 52 mm**
Weight 10.1 kg


* Optics with diameter up to 500 mm can be mounted into 840-0005-05 Kinematic Mount

** Mounts for optics with thickness up to 100 mm are available under request

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