Motorized Two Axes Translation Optical Mount 940-0070

  • 1'' optics mount
  • Limit switch: optoelectronic couple
  • Designed for microscopy applications
  • Made of black anodized aluminium

The 940-0070 motorized two axes translation mount is made of 840-0207 XY translation mount and 970-0060 compact motorized actuator.  


Estimated delivery time: from 5 - 6 days

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1.25 μm
0.156 μm
XY translation range ±2 mm
Lead screw pitch 0.25 mm 
Optics diameter 25.4 mm
Clear aperture 23 mm
Installed actuators 2 x 970-0060
Cable 1.2 m length cable included
Motor connector HDB15(M) (wiring diagram)
Weight 0,8 kg
Optocoupler end limit switches 2 per actuator
Switch polarity pushed is open
solidworks Motorized Two Axes Translation Optical Mount - Solidworks file
dwg Motorized Two Axes Translation Optical Mount - DWG file
step Motorized Two Axes Translation Optical Mount - STEP file


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