Motorized Translation Stages 960-0070-03

 960-0070-03 models are made with solid platform. 960-0070-03BS1, unlike the 960-0070-03LS, is designed for high-speed movement. Used ball bearing lead screw makes movement fast and smooth.


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Model 960-0070-03BS1 960-0070-03LS
Travel range, mm 25
Resolution in full step, µm 5 1.25
in 1/8 step, µm 0.625 0.156
Ball screw pitch, mm 1 -
Lead screw pitch, mm - 0.25
Repeatability, µm 1.5 1
Maximum speed, mm/s 25 6
Maximum load capacity  
Horizontal, kg 30
Vertical, kg 7
Limit switches 2 pc mechanical
Cable 1.6 m length
Motor connector HDB15(M)
Stepper motor 28
Weight, kg 0.8
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