Motorized Fiber Coupling Stage 970-0070

  • Fiber coupling stage of flexure design
  • Rotating platform on the top
  • Compact block design
  • Motorized actuator 970-0065
  • Smooth motion

Long-term stability Flexure stages are ideal for high precision device manipulation. Motorized Fiber Coupling Stage 970-0070 suits almost any micropositioning applications range, for example, from fiber launch systems for single-mode, multimode and polarization maintaining fibers as well as waveguide alignment, through to the manipulation of microstructures in bioscience. 


Motorized Fiber Coupling Stage 970-0070 of flexure compact block design with high-resolution motorized actuators ensures long-termed stability and good stiffness together with smooth motion without the severe limitations of stiction and friction. Fiber Coupling Flexure stage has a combination of overall size, travel, resolution, and low cost that makes them unique solution to meet the stringent requirements of photonics laboratory applications.


Estimated delivery time: from 5 - 6 days

Code Weight Price Delivery Add to cart
970-0070 1.6 kg 1894 $ Request To cart
Travel range in each XYZ direction 2 mm
Resolution 0.2 µm
Cross-Talk 20 µm/mm
Mechanical stability flexure design with stainless steel spring
Load capacity   1.5 kg
Type of actuator 970-0065
Cable integrated, 1.2 m length
Motor connector DB15(M)
Weight 1.6 kg
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