Metallic Coatings

Protected metallic coatings provide a moderate level of reflection over a very broad spectral range and are widely used as mirrors. These coatings are protected by a thin layer of dielectric material in order to make them durable. Metal coatings will modify the state of polarization of an incident beam of light and are therefore inappropriate for most polarization sensitive applications.


Enhanced metallic coatings provide greater reflection across the operating bandwidth. These coatings are enhanced by adding a multilayer dielectric stack. 


Please send a request for a custom product with a code of the coating and the substrate to get a quote. For substrates please refer to our standard uncoated laser windows section.


We also offer a wide choice of standard metallic mirrors from stock.

 Catalogue number
 Wavelength, nm Average reflection, % Type
Damage Threshold @1064 nm 10 ns, J/cm2 
Ø25,4  Ø50,8
0005 250-350 >88 UV enhanced aluminium 0.25 34 52
0010 450-650 >91 VIS enhanced aluminium 0.25 25 40
0015 300-IR >86 Protected aluminium 0.25 17 28
0025 400-IR >96 Protected silver 1.8 56 76
0030 900-IR >98 Protected gold 1.0 82 107


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