Open Ring Holders

  • Black anodized aluminum body
  • Special adapters to fit your particular crystal
  • Easy assembling and disassembling

Ring mounts made of black anodized aluminum are available for safe and convenient handling of nonlinear crystals.


Holder 830-0001-06 comes with white anodized aluminium adapter, crystals have to be glued into it. No glue is used for fixation of the crystal into other open ring holders, which are provided with teflon adapters.


The standard sizes of ring holders are Ø25.4 mm or Ø30 mm with thickness range from 6 mm to 17.5 mm depending on crystal size.


Estimated delivery time: Request

Max. acceptable crystal size
Code Diameter Max. acceptable crystal size Thickness Price Delivery Add to cart
830-0001-06 25.4 mm 12x12x0,5 mm 6 mm 58 $ Request To cart
830-0001-10 25.4 mm 12x12x3 mm 10.5 mm 58 $ Request To cart
830-0001-13 25.4 mm 12x12x6 mm 13.5 mm 58 $ Request To cart
830-0001-17 25.4 mm 12x12x15 mm 17.5 mm 104 $ Request To cart
830-0002-10 30 mm 15x15x3 mm 10.5 mm 58 $ Request To cart
830-0002-13 30 mm 15x15x6 mm 13.5 mm 58 $ Request To cart
830-0002-17 30 mm 15x15x15 mm 17.5 mm 104 $ Request To cart

Please indicate the exact crystal size when ordering

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