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Free shipping for online orders until 31st December

EKSMA OPTICS free shipping offer for online orders is extended until 31st of December . Orders placed through our web page request system will be delivered to customer using TNT or DHL express. Import duty if applicable must be paid by customer. Offer applies to orders requested online that weight below 5 kg only and are over 300 EUR.

New website was launched

EKSMA OPTICS also known as Optolita UAB has launched new website in Lithuanian language

Gauss-to-Top Hat Beam Shaping Lens

EKSMA OPTICS introduces Gauss-to-Top Hat beam shaping lens that redistributes energy of Gaussian beam to a Top Hat beam profile. If a collimated Gaussian beam is used the Top Hat beam shaping lens delivers at the working distance d=250 mm a square Top Hat beam profile with the size of 4x4 mm2. Beam diameter at beam shaper lens plane must be 5mm@1/e2.

Variable Attenuator for Linearly Polarized Laser Pulses 990-0071

EKSMA OPTICS introduces new Variable Attenuator for Linearly Polarized Laser Pulses 990-0071.

Special Offer for Standard LBO Crystals

EKSMA OPTICS announces about current sale of standard LBO crystals. Type 1 crystals are available with AR coatings for second harmonic generation and Type 2 crystals for third harmonic generation.

Third Harmonic Generation of Ti:Sapphire Laser Kits

EKSMA OPTICS introduces new kit for third harmonic generation of Ti:sapphire laser. Kits consist of set of components required for efficient third harmonic generation of femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser.

Online Catalogue updates of Cylindrical Lenses

EKSMA OPTICS has published online catalogue updates of plano-convex and plano-concave cylindrical lenses. Wide selection of different sizes and focal length is offered for prompt ordering. Standard catalogue cylindrical lenses are uncoated, but our standard anti-reflection coatings are available for these lenses.

Laser Diodes & Modules

EKSMA OPTICS introduces new product and launches sales of laser diodes and laser diode modules.

Highlighted Laser Components

As a result of frequent enquiries we are happy to offer following products with a discounted prices. All products are available for fast off-the-shelf delivery.

Save 20% on Laser Safety Eyewear

The offer is valid until 31st of December. The quantity of the items on sale is limited.