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OEM DKDP Pockels Cell Kit For Lamp Pumped Nanosecond Lasers

EKSMA OPTICS offers Pockels cells kit for lamp pumped nanosecond lasers. High voltage through Pockels cell driver PCD-N-2 is applied to Pockels cell in order to inhibit oscillation.

Extended Femtokit for THG of Ti:Sapphire laser Kit

We are excited to announce new extended femtokit for THG of Ti:Sapphire laser with included harmonics separation optics.

New Products – Iris Diaphragms

EKSMA OPTICS has extended product range and added iris diaphragms to online product catalogue. Iris diaphragms are available of these types: zero aperture iris diaphragms (992 series), standard iris diaphragms with retainer (993 series), standard iris diaphragms screwed (994 series). Three models offer aperture sizes from zero up to 120 mm.

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New D-compact Series Pockels Cells with KD*P Crystals

EKSMA OPTICS has announced new D-compact series Pockels cells with KD*P crystals. New Pockels cells feature 1 inch diameter and rugged design. D-compact cells show high contrast ratio >1:2000 and require 6.8 kV DC typical half wave voltage at 1064 nm wavelength.

New Organic (DSTMS, DAST, OH1) and Semiconductor (GaSe, ZnTe) Terahertz Crystals

EKSMA OPTICS, a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of optics, nonlinear & laser crystals and opto-mechanics, has expanded product range and introduces terahertz crystals. Organic and semiconductor terahertz crystals are applicable for THz generation and detection using different femtosecond laser pump sources.

New Product Catalogue – Laser Components 2011

EKSMA OPTICS have released new product catalogue – Laser Components 2011. Regular product lines: Optical Components, Nonlinear and Laser Crystals, Nd:YAG LaserLine Components, Femtoline Components, Opto-mechanics, Optical Systems, Diodes and Modules were updated and expanded by new products.

New Product - Simple Telescope Kit

Simple Telescope Kit has been added to EKSMA OPTICS product catalogue. Simple Telescope Kit includes lenses of different size and focal length, mounts, holders and instructions for standard assemblies with fixed magnification. Simple Telescope Kits are available uncoated or coated for particular application

DKDP Electro-Optic/Q-switching Crystals

EKSMA OPTICS publishes online catalogue updates of DKDP electro-optic crystals. The manufacturer of photonics components has expanded its crystals product line and offers DKDP crystals of cylinder shape for OEM and R&D customers. The company as a standard provides crystals with surface flatness better than lambda/6 @ 633 nm, parallel to 30 arc sec between polished faces and 20/10 scr/dig surface quality.

Online Catalogue Updates of Non Catalogue Waveplates

EKSMA OPTICS publishes online catalogue updates of non catalogue waveplates from stock. EKSMA OPTICS offers multiple-order, low-order or zero-order non catalogue plates. Waveplates are made of crystalline quartz, which exhibits a wide wavelength range with high transparency. Quarter wave or half wave retardation for wide ranges of wavelength are available for high and low power laser applications.