Fast Pulse Picker FP1

Pulse picker FP1 consists of built-in driver with HV power supply and a Pockels cell attached to the unit. This unit is able to select pulses at up to 1 kHz rate.


FP1 requires sync pulses from the laser for driver control or can be used with pMaster 4.0 generator. Standard FP1 pulse picker has a DKDP Pockels cell and is set for quarter wave voltage operation. On special requests DKDP cell can be changed to BBO or KTP Pockels cell for half wave voltage operation.


For synchronization of your laser with Pockels cell driver and triggering of Pockels cell driver used for pulse picking from the train of picosecond or femtosecond pulses we recommend to use FP1 Pulse picker in setup with pMaster 4.0 digital synchronization and delay pulse generator.


Operation instructions:

1. pMaster 4.0 and FP1 pulse picker setup for pulse picking at up to 1 kHz rate

Pulse picker Operation Instructions

2. Pulse picking at up to 1 kHz rate using FP1 pulse picker

Pulse picker Operation Instructions


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Pulse Synchronization and Delay Generator

Code Description Price Delivery Add to cart
pMaster 4.0 4 output channels for trigger pulses Request Request To cart

Pulse Picker for up to 1 kHz Operating Rate

Code Description Price Delivery Add to cart
FP1-DKDP-11 With DKDP clear aperture 11 mm, λ/4 operation at 1064 nm Request Request To cart

Specifications of Digital synchronization and delay pulse generator pMaster 4.0


pMaster features 4 independent programmable channel outputs and communication via USB port with LabView compatible drivers for full control over all parameters.


Programmable Timing Generator
Channel modes
Single shot, burst, normal, duty cycle
Control modes
Internally triggered, externally triggered and external gate
Delay range
0 to 1000 s
Delay accuracy
1.5 ns + 0.0001 delay
Delay resolution
250 ps
Delay jitter
<400 ps RMS
Pulse inhibit delay / output inhibit delay
120 ns / 50 ns
Trigger input module
Trigger input rate
DC - 5 MHz
Trigger insertion delay
<180 ns
Trigger jitter
<800 ps RMS
Minimal pulse width
2 ns
Trigger threshold
0.2 - 15 V DC
Maximum input voltage
60 V peak
Input impendance
1.5 k Ω + 40 pF
10 mV
External clock input module
External clock input rate
10 MHz – 100 MHz
Minimal pulse width
100 ps
Pulse amplitude
1 V rms (min) – 5 V rms (max)
Input impedance
102 Ω
High voltage power supply for PC driver
Dimensions W x D x H, mm
482 x 283 x 44 mm

Specifications of FP1 Pulse Picker


FP1-DKDP unit has DKDP crystal Pockels cell however on special request it can be changed to BBO or KTP Pockels cell.


Pulse picker
Max laser repetition rate for single pulse picking
20 MHz
Built-in driver
operates at up to 1 kHz rep. rate
HV power supply
Quarter wave, λ/4
HV pulse duration
30-3000 ns
HV pulse rise and fall time
<6.5 ns
Pockels cell contrast ratio, VCR2
Pockels cell transmission3
>97% at 1064 nm
Clear aperture
Dia 11 mm
Conductive heat sink
Dimensions L x W x H, mm
254 x 133 x 81 mm



1 - requires only 24V, 15W external power supply.

2 - VCR - contrast ratio when voltage is applied to the cell.

3 - other particular laser wavelengths or wavelength ranges are available on request.

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