Ordering Information for Motorized Translation and Rotation Stages

Default Choice
Revolution Sensor


Default Choice
Default choice for ordering motorized translation or rotation stages is with dial knob.
960-0060-08 – translation stage 960-0060-08 with dial knob.
968-0140 – rotation stage 968-0140 with dial knob

Revolution Sensor
Revolution sensor counts stepper motor axis revolutions. It consists of Codewheel with one mark and Optointerrupter. When motor is connected to controller 980-0030F-USB, signal from revolution sensor allows monitoring of motor axis revolutions, possible loss of steps and detecting motor stalling. It is not as accurate as encoder, which provides feedback for each step of motor. Revolution sensor determines whether there was any loss of steps within one revolution of motor axis. This information is reported to the controller and corrective actions can be taken.
Revolution sensor can also be used for precise home position setting.

For ordering motorized stages with revolution sensor, please add symbols E4 to the code of motorized stages.
960-0060-08-E4 – translation stage 960-0060-08 with revolution sensor E4.
968-0140-E4 – rotation stage 968-0140 with revolution sensor E4.


When damper RD is used, vibrations and motor noise is greatly reduced, settling time is improved and system resonances are suppressed.
For ordering motorized stages with damper, please add symbols RD1 to the code of motorized stages.
960-0060-08-RD1 – translation stage 960-0060-08 with damper RD1.
968-0140-RD1 – rotation stage 968-0140 with damper RD1.

Our 2-channel encoder is compact and lightweight.

Technical Characteristics of Encoder

Operating Voltage DC 4.5 V to 5.5 V

max. Current Consumption
(at 5 V) 57 mA
Pulse Width 180 ±45 degree
Signal-Phase Shift (Channel A vs. B) 90 ±15 degree
Signal-Rise-/Fall-Time  0.25 / 0.25 μS
Limit Frequency up to 100 kHz
Output Signals rectangular 2
Pulses per Revolution 1000
Operating Temperature  0 °C to +70 °C


Encoder measures motor axis position change and direction and provides feedback to controller. Encoder type HEDS-5540-B14 with 1000 pulses per revolution is used by default. Controller 980-0030F-USB can use signal from the encoder for motion monitoring. Result of the monitoring is high system reliability - controller can detect motor stall situation very quickly. Threshold level of motor stall detection is programmable using program SMCVieW included with controller 980-0030F-USB. User specific software can get feedback from encoder through controller 980-0030F-USB and send motion correction commands back to it using provided software libraries.
Unlike servo motors, stepper motors do not necessarily require encoders for operation. Encoder provides monitoring option. 1000 pulses per revolution ensure precise step monitoring down to 1/4 microstep mode.
For ordering motorized stages with encoder, please add symbols MEn1 to the code of motorized stages.

960-0060-08-MEn1 – translation stage 960-0060-08 with encoder
968-0140-MEn1 – rotation stage 968-0140 with encoder MEn1.

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