Active Vibration Isolation Workstation 778-5060


  • Scanning probe microscopy;
  • Scanning electron microscopy;
  • Scanning near-field optical microscopy / NSOM;
  • Control laser microscopy;
  • Interferometry;
  • Metrology / Profilometry;
  • Nano indentation;
  • Nano lithography;
  • Ultrathin film applications;
  • Analytical balances;
  • Bio - physical measurement:

- Single molecule investigations;
- Cell micro infection;
- Cell manipulation;
- Patch clamp;
- IVF techniques;


Active Vibration Isolation Workstation comprises of ergonomic rigid frame, guarding armrest and is supplied with three modifications of active vibration isolation system:


 The control panel is built into the frame and allows comfortable work. This system is extremely convenient to use. Load compensation is performed automatically on switching on the power. If the load is changed whilst the system is isolating, it automatically readjusts and then returns to the isolation mode. The workstation is optimized for such delicate instruments as AFM’s, Laser Scanning Microscopes, SNOM’s, profilometers, nanoindenters, etc.


Upon request we can make custom workstations with working surfaces 400 x 450 mm (maximum load 150 kg) and 600 x 800 mm (maximum load 120 kg). For larger surfaces please see active vibration isolation system Active Vibration Isolation System 776-0200 .


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Code Description Price Delivery Add to cart
778-5060 with active system 770-5060 Request Request To cart
778-5060 AL with active system 770-5060 AL Request Request To cart
778-5060 B with active system 770-5060 B Request Request To cart


dynamic 0.7 Hz to 200 Hz, mainly passive at higher frequencies, although for good stability the feedback is active to at least 2 kHz
Transmissibility See curve. Above 10 Hz transmissibility <0.01 (-40dB)
Maximum load
140 kg
Working surface 500x600 mm
Self - weight 23 kg
Safety class
Power consumption maximum 10 W when isolating, maximum 20W during load adjustment
Input voltage 90 – 120V AC, 47 – 63 Hz / 200 – 240V AC, 47 – 63 Hz
Fuses 2x1.6A/250V slow, located in the power socket on the rear side of the unit
Normal Environmental Conditions
Protection class IP 20
Temperature range 5°C - 40°C
Relative Humidity 
10 - 90% (5 - 30°C) / 10 - 60% (30 - 40°C)
Application Indoor
Altitude Up to 2000 m (6.500 ft)
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