Active Vibration Isolation System 776-0200

  • small size
  • lack of any low frequency resonance
  • inherently stiff (500x greater than that of a 1 Hz passive isolator)
  • rapid recovery time from shock (10 ms)
  • no air required; no set up time & calibration necessary
  • includes all three axis
  • superior to any passive system
  • no electromagnetic pollution to upset delicate instruments
  • no heating up by strongly reduced consumption

776-0200 is a compact modular dynamic anti vibration system offering isolation against all six translational and rotational vibrations. This moderately priced dynamic vibration isolation system achieves in a very small volume better isolation than is possible with the biggest and most expensive passive systems. Inertial feedback is used via force transducers to provide not only isolation from building vibrations, but also isolation from vibration sources placed on the system itself. This means, for example, that a delicate microscope isolated by the system will remain at rest despite forces being applied via the operator’s hands. The inherent stiffness of the system, typically 500 times greater than that of a 1 Hz resonance passive isolator, imparts excellent directional and positional stability. The lack of any low frequency resonance, a resonance which plagues all passive systems, allows the systems to be stacked for super-isolation in severe environments. The system is ideal for supporting delicate Fabry-Perot interferometers and tunnel-microscopes, allowing the ultimate performance to be achieved from these and other high resolution instruments. The tables have also proved to be extremely successful for supporting sensitive experiments, such as the troughs for liquids used in measurements on Langmuir-Blodgett films.

776-0200 is an adaptable system consisting of two modules. Each module by itself isolates against vertical and horizontal translations and against rotations about one horizontal axis. The combination of two modules isolates against all six possible translational and rotational vibrations. The modules cannot be used separately. Isolation of the standard 776-0200 system begins at about 1 Hz, increasing rapidly to at least 35 dB beyond 10 Hz. This system offers excellent isolation in the typical laboratory environment.


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Control Units
Max. Load, kg
Isolating Elements
Single Isolator Size, mm
Code Max. Load, kg Isolating Elements Control Units Single Isolator Size, mm Price Delivery Add to cart
776-0202 400 2 1 360x92x110,5 mm Request Request To cart
776-0203 600 3 1 360x92x110,5 mm Request Request To cart
776-0204 800 4 1 360x92x110,5 mm Request Request To cart
776-0205 1000 5 2 360x92x110,5 mm Request Request To cart
776-0206 1200 6 2 360x92x110,5 mm Request Request To cart
Isolation Dynamic 1Hz to 200 Hz, passive beyond 200 Hz
Transmissibility See transmission curve.
Above 10 Hz transmissibility <30-35 dB decreasing rapidly beyond 100 Hz, depending on load
Correction forces
Maximal ±8 N vertically, ±4 N horizontally
Static Compliance Approx. 3.4 μm/N vertically, 6.8 μm/N horizontally
System noise Less than 50 nG/vHz from 0.1 - 200 Hz in any direction
Static Load Minimum 0 kg, maximum 200 kg on each element
Self-weight 10 kg (per isolation unit)
Control Unit
Safety class 1
Power consumption Typically 7 W, maximum 9 W
Input voltage 110-230 V AC±10%, 50-60 Hz
Fuses 2x1.6 A/250V slow, located in the power socket on the rear side of the control unit
Overload Indication 8 LEDs
Monitor Signal A multiplexed signal can be used via the BNC-socket at the rear panel of the control unit to display it on an oscilloscope. It shows the vibration levels with and without isolation
Size The units should be arranged parallel to each other and may be spaced any distance from each other provided that the top plate is sufficiently rigid. The width of the top plate should not be more than about 1.5 times the length of the isolation units
Material Solid aluminium 20-30 mm thick or honeycomb material
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