High Precision Rotation Polarizer, Waveplate Mount 840-0186

  • 360° Continuous rotation
  • Sensitivity 1 arcmin
  • Compact design with roller bearings
  • Direct read 2° graduations on main dial
  • When locked, micrometer driven ±5° of fine rotation
  • Ideal for 1" polarization optics
  • One retaining ring included
  • Micrometer screw 870-0055 installed

High Precision Rotation Mount 840-0186 is ideal for positioning rotation sensitive optics such as polarizers or waveplates. The most common requirement for polarizers is to rotate them about their optical axis.


Mounts accept optics of 1" in diameter. Optics are placed inside central aperture, where it is securely held in place by a threaded retaining ring. The position is indicated on 360° angular scale with gradation of 2°. Once mount is fixed in desired position it can be fine ajusted within 5° range with 1 arcmin accuracy.


Micrometer screw 870-0055 is used, which can be optionally replaced with 870-0095 fine hex adjustment screw. The base and side of the polarizer holder has M6 threaded holes for mounting on posts or bases. Surface around mounting holes is flattened so the mount stays rigid once fixed on a mounting post or any other flat base. 840-0186 has a removable rod to rotate the platform by any of its 4 holes.


Estimated delivery time: from 5 - 6 days

Code Description Price Delivery Add to cart
840-0186-01 for 1'' optics. with micrometer 870-0055 258 $ Request To cart
840-0186-11 for 1'' optics. with fine hex adjustment screw 870-0095 222 $ Request To cart
Continuous rotation 360°
Fine rotation ±5°
Graduation on main dial
Sensitivity 1 arcmin
Optics diameter 1"
Optics thickness (max) 13 mm
Body material Aluminium 
Finish Black anodized
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