Adapter for Beamsplitter at 45 deg 840-0116

  • Suitable for dichroic mirrors and beamsplitters operating at AOI 45 deg

Optics is firmly held by a plastic securing screw and it rests against two contact lines formed at the interface. Adapter easily accommodates any optical mount designed for 1'' optics or can be attached to any mount using baseplate.


For fine adjustment adapter can be mounted into Kinematic Mirror Mount 840-0020. Such combination provides +-6° range of orthogonal adjustments with 8 arc-seconds resolution.


Optics with diameter 22.4-25.5 mm and thickness 5-8 mm can be fixed with plastic screw. Optics of other thickness can be cemented into adapter.      


Estimated delivery time: from 4 - 5 days

Code Description Weight Finish Price Delivery Add to cart
840-0116 adapter for beamsplitter at 45 deg 0.05 kg black anodized aluminium 30 $ 4 - 5 days To cart
840-0116A adapter for beamsplitter at 45 deg with additional aperture 0.05 kg black anodized aluminium 31 $ 4 - 5 days To cart
840-0116S adapter for beamsplitter at 45 deg 0.13 kg black oxidized steel 42 $ 4 - 5 days To cart



Mounting Option:                                                   Mounting Option:

Movable base 820-0080,                                         Movable base 820-0070,
Rod holder 820-0050-04,                                         Adapter for Beamsplitter 840-0116A,
Standard rod 820-0010-02,                                     Kinematic Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount 840-0056,
Kinematic mirror and beamsplitter                       Rod holder 820-0050-04,
mount 840-0020 and adapter for                           Standard rod 820-0010-02.

beamsplitter at 45 deg 840-0116                             



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