Self-Centering Lens/Optics Mounts 830-0025

Self-Centering Lens/Optics Mounts reliably centres and securely holds round optics and cylindrical objects. This device is particularly valuable when lenses of different diameters are being used interchangeably, as repeated centering at constant height is necessary.


  • Automatically centers and holds optics
  • Easy insertion and removal of optics
  • 3 M4 holes for fixing to flat object
  • Reverse operation on request
  • Can be motorized
  • 4'' or 2" and 40 mm optics mount

The Self-Centering Lens/Optics Mount accommodates optics up to 50.8 mm and is oversized to provide easy finger access for inserting and removing optics.


When released the three arms grip the lens, automatically centering the lens within the holder. Unlike other models, 830-0025 gripping mechanism controlled by pressing vertical piston down the socket. Because of such design mount can be easily motorized.


The mount can be modified on request for reverse operation – mount is closing while pushing vertical piston down. This way mount can be used to hold rings and hollow cylinders from inside.


Vacuum version is available on request.


Estimated delivery time: from 5 - 6 days

Code Weight Description Price Delivery Add to cart
830-0025-40 0,07 kg for 40 mm optics 90 $ 5 - 6 days To cart
830-0025-02 0,19 kg for 50.8 mm optics 119 $ Request To cart
830-0025-04 0,38 kg for 101.6 mm optics 168 $ 5 - 6 days To cart
solidworks Self-Centering Lens/Optics Mount - Solidworks file
dwg Self-Centering Lens/Optics Mount - DWG file
step Self-Centering Lens/Optics Mount - STEP file


If you would like to review 3D drawings additional software is required. For a quick review of the drawings, we recommend CadFaster - QuickSetup - free software that allows you to view 3D files.
Please follow this link to download the program.

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