Vacuum Compatible Narrow Motorized Translation Stage with DC Motor 961-0060V

Vacuum compatible 961-0060V series stages are equipped with 10-6 Torr vacuum compatible DC motor, all mechanical parts are lubricated with high vacuum compatible grease. Aluminum parts are not anodized. Stages are cleaned in vacuum chamber and packed before dispatch, so that it can be immediately placed in vacuum chamber after purchase without spoiling the vacuum. Cleaning and packing are not included in price.


DC motor provides smoother motion and closed loop operation. High number of motor reduction gear provides high resolution, but low speed in turn. Ideal for applications demanding high accuracy, but not sensitive to speed limitations.


Estimated delivery time: from 2 - 3 weeks

Weight, kg
Travel range, mm
Code Weight, kg Travel range, mm Price Delivery Add to cart
961-0062V 0.43 10 Request Request To cart
961-0064V 0.46 20 Request Request To cart
961-0065V 0.47 25 Request Request To cart
961-0066V 0.48 30 Request Request To cart
Model 961-0062V
Travel range, mm 10 20 25 30
Lead screw pitch, mm 0.25
Resolution, μm 0.1
Minimal incremental motion, μm 0.028
Bi-directional Repeatability, μm  0.4 
Max. speed* mm/s 0.16
Load capacity:
    Horizontal, kg
    Vertical, kg

Cable Integrated, 2 m length
Motor connector HDB15(M)
DC motor DCE1841
Weight, kg 0.43 0.46 0.47 0.48


* Test condition: controllers, power supply - 36 V.

Recommended controllers for 961 series narrow motorized translation stage with DC motor:




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