Vacuum Compatible Motorized Stages 960-0060V

  • Narrow
  • Compact design
  • Resolution 0.31 µm (1/8 step)
  • High guide way accuracy
  • Lead screw pitch 0.5 mm
  • X-Y-Z configurations available
  • Non vacuum version

Vacuum Compatible Motorized Stages are equipped with vacuum compatible stepper motor. Stages stack in X-Y configurations directly using M6 screws. Angle Bracket 810-0160V is used to mount stages for vertical translation; it is also used for X-Y-Z configurations. To mount stages on a flat surface you will need 820-0115V base plate.  


Estimated delivery time: from 2 - 3 weeks

Code Description Weight Price Delivery Add to cart
960-0060V-06 travel range - 50 mm 1 kg Request Request To cart
960-0060V-08 travel range - 100 mm 1.5 kg Request Request To cart
960-0060V-10 travel range - 150 mm 1.5 kg Request Request To cart
960-0060V-12 travel range - 200 mm 1.6 kg Request Request To cart
820-0115V base plate for mounting to optical tables 0.3 kg Request Request To cart
810-0160V angle bracket for Z axis assembly 0.45 kg Request Request To cart


Lead screw pitch 0.5 mm
Resolution in full step 2.5 µm
Max. speed 5 mm/s

Load capacity



8 kg

3 kg

Vacuum, Torr 10-6
Motor connector DB9(M)
Stepper motor  VSS42
Wiring scheme of the motor VSS42 bipolar
Design Voltage of the motor VSS42, V  42
Phase Current of the motor VSS42, A  1.2
Holding Torque of the motor VSS42, Nm 0.13
Detent Torque of the motor VSS42, mNm  5
Phase Resistance of the motor VSS42, Ohm 1.7
Inductance of the motor VSS42, mH 3
Steps/Revolution of the motor VSS42 200(1.8°)

Assemblies of the motor VSS42



To flat surface    





Snap-action limit switch    two end switches
Type Pushed is "closed"


High vacuum compatible Sub-D, male or female, 9 or 15 pin connectors can be ordered separately. The connectors are made of glass filled polymer with a stainless steel outer and suitable for High Vacuum (10-8 mbar) and temperatures up to 110°C.



Specification of HV Sub-D Connectors:
Vacuum: 10-8 mbar
Body material: DEP
Temp. range: -55°C to 110°C
Pin material: Gold plated copper alloy 



Connectors of other sizes and vacuum feedthroughs are available on request.




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