Universal Motorized Rotation Stage 960-0190

Universal Motorized Rotation Stage 960-0190 is a simple and durable low cost solution as it can be used as an optical element rotator, filter wheel or universal rotating platform. Center opening has a threaded M27x1 aperture for mounting 1” optical elements. Retaining ring for fastening optics is included.


960-0190 with various accessories can serve as several devices in one. Custom accessories are manufactured on request.


960-0190-01 is a basic rotation stage that can rotate 1” optical elements. Various accessories and custom parts can be mounted on provided M3x7 mounting holes. 960-0190-02 and 960-0190-03 are variations of 960-0190-01 with accessories for various applications.


Estimated delivery time: from 5 - 6 days

Code Description Price Delivery Add to cart
960-0190-01 basic rotation stage of 1' optical elements 786 $ Request To cart
960-0190-02 filter wheel version 959 $ Request To cart
960-0190-03 mounting platform version 906 $ Request To cart
Rotation range    
Resolution in full step
  in 1/8 step
4.5 arcmin
Max. rotation speed*
3÷5 rps
Wobble    2 arcmin
Reduction gear
Limit switches 
Drive mechanism belt
Load capacity   

5 kg
1.5 kg
4.5x10-3 Nm
Cable integrated, 1,6 m length
Motor connector HDB15(M)
Stepper motor 28S
Mechanical reference switch
      Switch polarity
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