Motorized Vertical Lift Stage 940-0220

  • Compact 
  • Stiff and stable 
  • Two optical limit switches 
  • Clean room grease

Motorized Vertical Lift Stage 940-0220 offers precise vertical translation for elevating object up to 8 kg. An optional 1000-line rotary encoder is available for the stepper motor.


Estimated delivery time: from 5 - 6 days

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Travel range 5 mm
Resolution in full step 0.625 μm
in 1/8 step 0.078 μm
Lead screw pitch 0.5 mm
Wedge reduction rate 4:1
Repeatability 3 μm
Accuracy 10 μm
Lift parallelism (to the base)  20 μm
Mounting surface flatness 10 μm
Position stability (max) 3 μm
Maximum speed 2.5 mm/s
Maximum load capacity 8 kg
Limit switches optoelectronic couple
Motor connector  DB9(M)
Stepper motor 4247
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