Motorized Translation Stage 960-0070-02

960-0070-02BS1, unlike the 960-0070-02LS, is designed for high-speed movement. Used ball bearing lead screw makes movement fast and smooth.


The positioner also can be used with microscope on XY axles. As shown in the pictures, the upper plate has a removable insert in the center, the size of which is 2 inches, the base plate is made with slot size of 51 x 76 mm, on the same vertical.


960-0070-02BS1-M and 960-0070-02LS-M are "mirror" versions of each of the translation stages.


Estimated delivery time: from 5 - 6 days

Code Weight Price Delivery Add to cart
960-0070-02BS1 0.8 kg Request Request To cart
960-0070-02BS1-M 0.8 kg Request Request To cart
960-0070-02LS 0.8 kg Request Request To cart
960-0070-02LS-M 0.8 kg Request Request To cart

  960-0070-02BS1 960-0070-02LS
Travel range 25 mm
Resolution full step 5 µm 1.25 µm
Resolution 1/8 step 0.625 µm 0.156 µm
Ball screw pitch 1 mm -
Lead screw pitch - 0.25 mm
Repeatability 1.5 µm 1 µm
Maximum speed 25 mm/s 6 mm/s
Maximum load
                   Horizontal    30 kg 30 kg
                   Vertical    7 kg 7 kg
Limit switches 2 pc mechanical
Cable 1.6 m length
Motor connector HDB15(M)
Stepper motor 28
Weight 0.8 kg 0.8 kg

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