Motorized Flipper Mount 940-0090

  • Controlled with button, handset, external trigger or 980-0045-USB controller (not included)
  • Mechanical hard stops ensure repeatable positioning
  • M6x7 threaded hole for post mounting
  • Remote handset with SMA I/O connectors
  • Single cable solution for space saving
  • 2" optical mount on request


Motorized Flipper Mount 940-0090 is designed for fast and precise flipping of 1" (25.4) mm optics in and out of beam path. Reaching 90° flip position takes less than 0.4 s. Mechanical hard stops ensure repeatable positioning. Flipper mount 940-0090 performs with great repeatability, stability and long lifetime.


Filters, mirrors or pinholes can be easily mounted into the holder and fastened using two fluoroplastic rings and a retaining nut. Optics holders for fast switching between different optics can be ordered separately. Due its fast flip time the 940-0090 can be used as beam shutter.


Flipper mount has two M3 clearance holes on the side and M6x7 deep threaded mounting hole at the bottom, which aligns with optical axis.


Estimated delivery time: from 4 - 5 days

Code Description Price Delivery Add to cart
940-0090 Motorized Flipper Mount (with one 1" optics holder) 539 $ Request To cart
940-0090-PS Power supply (12 V, 0.7 A) 60 $ Request To cart
940-0090-OH Additional 1" Optics Holder 16 $ Request To cart
Flip positions 0° and 90°
Flip time <0.4 s
Optics diameter 25.4 mm (1")
Optics thickness, max 7 mm
Flip to flip repeatability ≤50 µrad
Maximum torque 0.33 Nm
Digital I/O connector type SMA (2 places)
Power input 9-12 V
Weight 160 g
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