Mounting Large Rod Clamp 810-0061

Mounting Large Rod 810-0061 has one mounting surface with M6 holes. It provides coarse vertical positioning of mounted components along the Large Rod 810-0040 or 810-0050. The 820-0090  and 820-0060 bases and the 810-0080, 810-0090 angle brackets can be fastened to the edge or to the mounting surface of positioner.


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Mounting Option:                                                                                                 Mounting Option:
Large Rod with rod base 810-0050,                                                Large Rod with rod base
Large Rod Mounting Clamp 810-0061,                                           Large Rod Mounting Clamp 810-0061
Movable Base 820-0090,                                                                    Movable Base 820-0090,
Tilt/Rotation Stage 860-0110                                                             Compact Translation Stages 

Mounting Option:
Large Rod with rod base 810-0050,
Large Rod Mounting Clamp 810-0061,
Kinematic Mirror and Beamsplitter Mount 840-0020,
Movable Base 820-0060


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