Angle Bracket 810-0140

Angle Bracket 810-0140 is ideally suited for orthogonally attaching Single-Axis Translation Stage 860-0092-01 to a Two-Axes Translation Stage 860-0092-02 or 860-0094. 810-0140 may as well be used to attach units of other models together or to the base surfaces.


810-0140 has holes to attach translators with M4 screws. It also has a hole of Ø10mm which can serve as a clear aperture.


Material: black anodized aluminium.


Estimated delivery time: from 5 - 6 days

Code Material Weight Price Delivery Add to cart
810-0140 Black anodized aluminium 0.06 kg 25 $ 5 - 6 days To cart
810-0140SS Stainless steel 1.13 kg 59 $ 5 - 6 days To cart
solidworks Angle Bracket - Solidworks file
dwg Angle Bracket - DWG file
step Angle Bracket - STEP file


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