Broadband Variable Attenuator for Femtosecond Laser Pulses

Variable attenuators / beamsplitters consist of precision opto-mechanics and optical components, providing continuous beam splitting over 750-850 nm or 980-1080 nm broadband wavelength ranges. Attenuators are available in manual or motorized versions.


Attenuators use two thin film polarizers operating at 70° angle of incidence, which reflect s-polarized light while transmitting p-polarized light. The angle of incidence can be adjusted by ±2° to achieve the maximum polarization contrast.


The intensity ratio of the two outgoing parallel beams may be continuously varied without alteration of other beam parameters. It can be done by rotating the quartz zero order air-spaced half wave plate housed into a rotating holder.


P-polarized beam is transmitted straightly with a shift of 2.6 mm. While s-polarized beam (after 2 reflections) is parallel to the outgoing p-polarized beam, just separated by 28 mm.


Note: controllers and power supplies are not included in motorized attenuators and should be ordered separately. We recommend 980-1045 controller and PSC30U-120V power supply.


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Operating Range

Manual version

Code Operating Range Price Delivery Add to cart
990-0070-800HBBi70 750-850 nm 1397 $ Request To cart
990-0070-1030HBBi70 980-1080 nm 1397 $ Request To cart

Motorized version

Code Operating Range Price Delivery Add to cart
990-0070-800HBBi70M 750-850 nm 2255 $ Request To cart
990-0070-1030HBBi70M 980-1080 nm 2255 $ Request To cart

Note: Controllers and power supplies should be ordered separately.

Aperture diameter 12 mm
Operating bandwidth 100 nm
Damage treshold 50 mJ/cm2 pulsed at 800nm, 50fsec, 50Hz
Polarization contrast (after 1st polarizer) >1:200
Polarization contrast (after 2nd polarizer) >1:500
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