Top Hat Beam Shaping Lenses

We offer two types of Beam Shaping Lenses – diffractive FBS lenses are made of Fused Silica and refractive GTH lenses are made of Schott glass LF5.  
Beam Shaping Lens is just a single optical element which is used to convert Gaussian beam spot profile to Top Hat beam spot with equal energy distribution within spot size. Top Hat beam spot size and location (or working distance) is determined by the additional focusing lenses or optical systems. Our Beam Shaping Lenses work only with Gaussian beam TEM00 profile.
FBS beam shaping lenses suit for high power applications including UV range at 343 and 355 nm wavelengths. GTH beam shaping lenses suit for applications in 400-1550 nm range only and at power levels below 10W. 
FBS beam shaper is made for a fixed input beam diameter and wavelength. GTH  beam shaper is also fixed for the input beam diameter but can be used with different wavelengths.
The main difference – FBS allows to achieve almost diffraction limited (~1.5x) Gaussian beam spot size what is typically from few microns up to 150 microns spot size. While GTH allows to achieve beam spot size from 150 microns up to several mm.

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