Rochon Polarizing Prisms

Rochon polarizing prisms are made of two birefringent α-BBO prisms, which are cemented together. The first prism (cut parallel to the optic axis) receives the light, while the second (facing the optic axis at right angles) transmits the ordinary ray without deviation, but the extraordinary ray is deflected.


Rochon prisms can be used to produce plane-polarized light. and it can also be used with ultraviolet light. Prisms with non-standard separation angles can be designed upon request for your specific wavelength.


Estimated delivery time: from 4 - 5 days

Clear aperture Ø, mm
Outer mount Ø, mm
Code Outer mount Ø, mm Clear aperture Ø, mm Price Delivery Add to cart
455-2108 od ø25.4 mm ca ø8.0 mm 604 $ 4 - 5 days To cart
455-2110 od ø25.4 mm ca ø10.0 mm 769 $ 4 - 5 days To cart
455-2115 od ø30.0 mm ca ø15.0 mm 1045 $ Request To cart

Wavelength range
200-3500 nm
Extinction ratio
Surface quality
20-10 scratch & dig (MIL-PRF-13830B)
Wavefront distortion

λ/4 at 633 nm

Beam deviation
<3 arcmin
Separation angle
8-14 deg (8 deg @1064nm)
Single layer MgF2
Black anodized aluminium

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