Heatpoint Oven for Nonlinear Crystals

Heatpoint is a compact round oven designed for heating of nonlinear crystals and keeping them at their optimal operation temperature. It is also suitable for thermo-stabilization of crystals with low thermal acceptance. The oven could be used for heating of LBO, KTP, DKDP or other crystals. Oven's temperature is preset and can be chosen up to 80 °C. 


Heatpoint is also useful to prevent moisture condensation on humidity sensitive crystals faces to extend their lifetime or for thermo-stabilization of the crystals with low thermal acceptance.


Heatpoint features precise long term stability and compact design. It is designed to be used with common one-inch optics positioning mounts or with our special positioning mount PM1. A small thermocontroller is attached to the oven on a wiring.


Required temperature of the oven is preset in the factory and it can be chosen by the customer in the range between 30 °C and 80 °C. Preset temperature can be adjusted in ±5 °C range.


Heatpoint oven has special crystal adapter to fit crystals of size up to 6x6x30 mm. The adapter is made exactly for particular crystal size and it cannot be used for a crystal of a different size.


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HP1 Heatpoint oven (dia 25.4 x 29 mm) with attached thermocontroller 230 $ Request To cart
HP2 Heatpoint oven (dia 25.4 x 47 mm) with attached thermocontroller 230 $ Request To cart
PM1 Positioning mount for Heatpoint ovens 288 $ Request To cart


Model Heatpoint
Maximum crystal dimensions 6 x 6 x 15 mm 6 x 6 x 30 mm
Preset temperature 30 - 80 °C
Temperature tuning range near preset ± 5 °C
Long-term stability ± 0.15 at 30-50 °C
± 0.2 at 50-80 °C
Powering requirements 12 - 16 V
Power consumption (PMAX) 6 W
Sensor type PTC Thermo resistor
Output connector 2.5 mm mono plug
Thermocontroller size 18 x 12 x 42.5 mm
Distance (wiring length) from oven to thermocontroller 180 mm
Oven dimensions, mm ø25.4 x 29 mm ø25.4 x 47 mm




Model PM1
Adjusting angles, tilt and tip ±3.5 °
Rotation along Z-axis 180°
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