Extended capabilities of spherical lens production 2015-10-13

We are pleased to announce that we have extended our production capabilities of spherical lenses or spherical surfaces. New CNC grinding and polishing machines were integrated in our production line, giving us high flexiblity in manufacturing of small batches or even single spherical lenses at optimal prices.


 Spherical lens manufacturing @ EKSMA Optics


Now spherical surfaces of traditional optical materials like N-BK7 glass, Fused Silica or other great variety of glasses can be designed with any non-standard focus/size and polished to highest specification requirements.


Surface precision and polishing quality of produced lenses are tested at our quality control laboratory using new and advanced nanoscale contour & roughness measurement system and interferometer.


Design & order your custom spherical lens

High precision spherical surfaces can be produced up to 4 inch in diameter. Lenses can be provided with a coating of your choice.

Currently we keep in stock following Schott glasses: F2, F4, N-F2, SF2, SF4, SF6, SF10, SF11, SF57, N-SF6, N-SF8, N-SF10, N-SF15, N-SF57, N-SSK5, N-SK2, N-SK5, N-SK16, N-LAK10, N-LAK12, N-LAK21, N-BAK1, N-BAK4, N-LASF44, N-K5, N-FK5.


Choose from our standard lenses

We offer a wide choice of standard spherical lenses and lens kits for quick delivery. Our standard products can be ordered with a coating.

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