CNC Polished Precision Aspherical Lenses 2015-12-15

Let us introduce you to our new product group - precision aspherical lenses made in our new CNC grinding and polishing facility. Our production line gives us high flexibility in manufacturing of small batches of aspherical lenses of custom design using your drawings or specifications. Lenses can be supplied with anti-reflection coatings.


Now we can also offer you ex-stock delivery of CNC polished precision plano-convex aspherical lenses made of N-BK7 or high refractive index N-LAH64 glass. Lenses can be supplied with AR coatings under request.


Standard sizes:

Ø12.5 mm, EFL 10 mm or 25 mm

Ø25 mm, EFL 20 mm or 50 mm

Ø50 mm, EFL 40 mm or 100 mm


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