Buy Online or Get Official Quotation at EKSMA OPTICS 2013-03-15

EKSMA OPTICS is very excited to announce that new website has been launched. In order to ensure fast off-the-shelf delivery EKSMA OPTICS has developed a convenient solution to select and order laser components from stock. New functions have been added that enables to get your laser components as soon as the requirement is met including:

-    Official Quotation (can be quoted in a few minutes indicating delivery time of every single laser component needed)
-    Direct purchase and payment option. Stock laser components can be ordered in a few minutes and paid by: Wire transfer, credit card using form provided by EKSMA OPTICS or Skrill service.
-    Quick order tool. This tool is very convenient for the customers that already know the codes of the components needed.

EKSMA OPTICS is always looking for opportunity to meet customer specific requirements or to provide solutions for various applications.


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