Barium and Strontium tungstate-molybdate crystals for Raman shift 2016-06-13

EKSMA Optics can now offer nominally pure and neodymium doped Barium tungstate, Strontium tungstate and Strontium molybdate single crystals:


Ba(MoO4)x(WO4)1-x, 0<x<0.01

Sr(MoO4)x(WO4)1-x, 0<x<0.01

Sr(MoO4)x(WO4)1-x, 0.99<x<1


New Barium and Strontium tungstate-molybdate single crystals feature higher Raman gain as compared to KGW or CaCO3 and relatively higher thermal conductivity as compared to a Ba(NO3)2.


Barium and Strontium tungstate-molybdate single crystals are grown and provided with cut along a-direction. Active elements do not require precise positioning since stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) threshold slightly depends on the crystal orientation relative to pump polarization (within a few percent) and minimum threshold is reached at E||c. In this case, the polarization of the pump and stokes pulses are parallel to the optical axis (c-axis).


The crystals are water-insoluble and durable. Available sizes and shapes of active elements are rectangular up to 10 x 10 x 100 mm or with cylindrical cross-section up to dia 10 x 100 mm.



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