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Free shipping for online orders untill 31st December 2009

Take advantage of our limited free shipping offer for online orders made until 31st December. Orders placed through our web page request system will be delivered to customer using TNT or DHL express. Import duty if applicable must be paid by customer.

Website Updates

At EKSMA OPTICS we value the time of our customers and are constantly improving our website in order to provide you with more seamless experience.

BBO Crystals for femtosecond lasers

EKSMA OPTICS offers BBO crystals of thickness down to 10 microns for frequency conversion of femtosecond lasers. Crystals of thickness less than 100 µm are supplied optically contacted on UV grade Fused Silica substrates with sizes 10×10×2 mm or 12×12×2 mm. Other sizes of substrates are also available on request. The tolerance of BBO crystal thickness on substrate is +10/-5 µm. Crystals can be protective coated with single layer non dispersive in VIS range AR coating, which could be optimized for particular crystal application.

Special offer for non-standard BBO crystals

EKSMA OPTICS starts sale of non-standard BBO crystals. High quality AR-, P-, BBAR- optical coatings are applied on one or on both sides of the crystal. Uncoated crystals are also available for a specific wavelength. Different orientations and a wide range of sizes are available for various applications such as frequency doubling and tripling, optical parametric generation processes, etc. Wide selection of BBO crystals for variety of applications is guaranteed!

New company - Optolita UAB is established after reorganization of EKSPLA

Pursuing the aim of faster development of photonics components and lasers & laser systems businesses, EKSPLA is being reorganized into two separate entities.

New product - tunable wavelength laser operating at kHz repetition rate

The new kHz tunable wavelength laser system is available from EKSPLA. Integrated in a single compact housing diode pumped Q-switched laser and OPO systems offers no-gap tuning from 210 to 2300 nm. Offering 1000 Hz repetition rate NT200 series laser establishes itself as a versatile tool for many laboratory applications. Efficient UV conversion makes NT200 series systems an excellent choice for a wide range of applications including; spectroscopy, photobiology, laser induced fluorescenc e, photolysis, remote sensing, LIDAR and many others.

New product - Indie series DPSS Q-switched laser

A new product is available from EKSPLA. Diode-pumped solid-state q-switched nanosecond Nd:YVO4 lasers offer high output power of infra-red (1064 nm) radiation together with high repetition rate. Featuring up to 15 W output power at 1064 nm and high 100 kHz repetition rate Indie series DPSS lasers are an attractive tool for wide range of material processing applications, including metals, semiconductors, composites, dielectrics.

Nd:YAG Laser Line Components

EKSPLA introduces new product line exclusively for Nd:YAG laser applications. Featuring more than 15 years in manufacturing of Nd:YAG pulsed lasers EKSPLA offers a full assortment of optical components: nonlinear and laser crystals, mirrors, polarizing optics and lens kits. Visit new product line of Nd:YAG Laser Line Components.

Jazz series DPSS Q-switched green laser

New industrial grade DPSS green lasers are available from EKSPLA. Jazz series diode pumped solid state Nd:YVO4 lasers offer high output power of second harmonic (532 nm) radiation together with high repetition rate. The innovative electro-optical Q-switch is a key technology for generation of the record short pulses between all high power nanosecond lasers.

Techno series DPSS Q-switched UV laser

New industrial grade DPSS UV lasers are available from EKSPLA. Techno series Nd:YVO4 UV lasers offer high output power of UV radiation together with high repetition rate.