Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to purchase a laser component that is not in stock and I can only send the request. How can I buy the product?

If the product is out of stock and you would like to place a purchase order, please write Purchase Order number in your comment field that is displayed at the bottom of the page.


2. I would like to add a coating to the window or lenses. How can I do it?

Unfortunately, there is no option to add coating on the components at the e-shop at the moment. Please enter the coating number in your comment field or send a request to:


3. I would like to buy a product for a trial, but shipping costs are bigger than the product price. Is there any way to reduce the costs?

If the weight of the product is small and the delivery time is not important, we can send the product by post services that are much cheaper in comparison with DHL. Please send us a request and we will contact you with the best offer.


4. I have generated an official quotation online. Will you dispatch the products?

No, the products will be dispatched after the purchase order is sent.


5. I have generated an official quotation online. How can I place the order?

The purchase order can be placed through: a) the website. Please input Official Quotation number in the Purchase Order field b) by e-mail to c) fax.: +3705272 92 99; d) by post: UAB Optolita, Mokslininku Str. 11; LT-08412 Vilnius, Lithuania


6. What Purchase Order number should I enter in the Purchase Order number field?

Purchase Order number can be entered according to the rules of the customer's organization or can be left empty as the e-shop will generate automated purchase order number.


7. When will I get the product if the expected delivery time is indicated, for example 4-5 days?

The product that is in stock can be dispatched even the same day if the order is placed before 1 p.m. and if it is working day.
The working days are Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.


8. When is the public holidays?
Lithuanian public holidays can be reviewed following this link.


9. What is credit card online payment?

It’s a payment method system for direct credit card processing at our partners website By choosing Credit Card Online method you will be directed to Paysera (please see the example below) where you can safely enter your credit card data.
Please note: when you choose the payment method you won’t be able to go back and change your product portfolio.   

The Example of Credit Card Online Payment Method



10. The surface quality of the component is specified by standard MIL-PRF-13830B. Where can I get more information about this standard?

The standard MIL-PRF-13830B can be downloaded here.


11. Sometimes we have to break down the lists of purchases in order not to exceed single-purchase limit that is imposed by internal regulations. Can we be sure that different (separate) invoices will be generated for different orders placed from the same account?
Yes, we can assure that separate invoices will be generated for different orders placed from the same account.


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