Precision Resistive Heater kit TC2 and CO10 Series Ovens

  • Crystal’s temperature stabilization
  • Fast temperature control using active cooling
  • External temperature kept low by insulation – no need for gloves
  • No alignment is required when crystal is removed and replaced 4 screws to remove to exchange crystals
  • Crystals can be removed without removing the oven from the experiment LabVIEW based software included


  • Fast temperature tuning of generated wavelengths in periodically oriented and noncritical phase-matching nonlinear crystals
  • Temperature tuning of Bragg grating wavelengths
  • Thermostat of tuning temperature

In combination with temperature controller, CH10 series ovens are designed specifically for tuning and conditioning the periodically poled bulk devices (PPSLT, PPLN & PP-MgO:LN) and other nonlinear crystals. The oven is designed to hold the crystal with dimensions of 30×16×1 mm. Custom made oven is also available. The crystal heater provides temperature stabilization for crystals with an accuracy of 0.1°C. The crystal temperature can be change from 50°C to 200 °C.


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Description, features
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TC2 Thermocontroller for CO10, CO11, CO12 fast temperature tuning PPLN crystal ovens 1108 $ Request To cart
CO10 Water cooled fast temperature control oven for PPLN crystals 1782 $ Request To cart
CO11 Air cooled fast temperature control oven for PPLN crystals 1745 $ Request To cart
CO12 Cooled by mounting on heat transfering body fast temperature control oven for PPLN crystals 1969 $ Request To cart

CO10 CO11 CO12
Resolution 0.1°C
Long term stability ±0.1°C
Basic accuracy ±0.5°C
Temperature sensor type PT1000
General specifications:
Controllability manual or via RS232 port
Mains 90-264 VAC;  50/60 Hz
Max power consumption 45 Watts
TEC controller dimensions (HxWxD) 67x155x160 mm
Weight 1.5 kg
Operating temperature -15°C to +35°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +70°C
Connectors 15-pin D-sub receptacle or 9-pin D-sub plug
Temperature control range
50-200 °C 60-200 °C 70-200 °C
Cooling type Water Air Heatsink
Heating time 130 s (50-190°C) 120 s (60-190°C) 110 s (70-190°C)
(50 -190°C) (60 -190°C) (70 -190°C)
Cooling time (190 °C -50/60 °C) 305 s
290 s
290 s
Cooling temperature change velocity (Depends on temperature) 1.1-0.25°C/s 1.0-0.1°C/s 1 -0.1°C/s
Heating temperature change velocity (Depends on temperature 1.5-0.7°C/s 1.5-0.7°C/s 1.5-0.7°C/s
Set heater temperature
50 °C 60 °C 70 °C
Dimensions (HxWxD)
85x71x65 mm
95x71x65 mm
91x90.5x56 mm
Specifications are subject to changes without advance notice.
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