DQF Pockels Cell Driver for Q-Switching for Flashlamp Pumped Lasers

DQF-0.2-5 is designed for Q-switching of nanosecond flashlamp pumped lasers without use of phase retardation plate. High voltage is applied to Pockels cell in order to inhibit oscillation. Pockels cell is opened by negative polarity pulse allowing laser to radiate.


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Maximum high voltage to cell (HV) pulse amplitude (U1 + U2)  5 kV
U1 value equal to HV powering voltage
U2 value   equal to 0.25xU1 (optionally 0 V)
HV pulse fall time (a) < 15 ns
HV pulse rise time, typical (b) 60 µs
HV pulse duration, typical (c) 300 µs1)
HV pulse repetition rate ≤ 250 Hz
HV pulse delay  40 ns
External triggering pulse duration requirement 100 - 1200 µs
External triggering pulse amplitude requirement  3 - 5 V (50 Ω)
External triggering pulse rise & fall time < 20 ns
Board dimensions  92 x 70 x 22 mm 2)
Ø3.2 mm mounting holes location 84 x 62 mm
External powering requirements
DC supply 12-24 V, max 200 mA
HV supply     4 kV, 1 mA

1) Can be modified to 1200  µs for lower repetition rates
2) Keep safety distance at least 5 mm from any side of board to other conductive parts

Specifications are subject to changes without advance notice

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