DQ High Repetition Rate Pockels Cell Driver for Q-Switching


  • Pulse repetition rate up to 100 kHz
  • Fast HV rise time <7 ns for 4 kV pulse.
  • HV pulse amplitude up to 4 kV

DQ Series high repetition rate Pockels cell driver has been designed for use in mode-locked lasers for cavity dumping or for cavity Q-switching of solid-state nanosecond lasers. Fast HV (less than 7 ns) edge ensures excellent pre- and post-pulse contrast.Ability to operate at high pulse repetition rates makes this driver perfect fit for most of diode-pumped nanosecond lasers. For pulse repetition rates up to 10 kHz heatsink is not required. For high repetition rates the driver should be attached to the heatsink with thermal resistance of at least 0.4 °C/W for room temperature (25 °C) operation. Pockels cell driver should be mounted into dielectric box (should be ordered separately) providing electrical insulation. Low voltage power supply is required to internal triggering circuit, while tuning of HV power supply voltage.


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Maximum high voltage (HV) pulse amplitude 4.0 kV
Polarity Positive
HV pulse rise time  < 7 ns
HV pulse fall time ~2 µs 1)
HV pulse duration 180 ns 1)
Maximum HV pulse repetition rate 100 kHz
HV pulse jitter < 0.5 ns
External triggering pulse duration requirement 100 - 1000 ns
External triggering pulse amplitude requirement 3-5 V (50 Ω)
External triggering pulse rise & fall time < 10 ns
HV pulse delay 35–40 ns
External powering requirements:
                   high voltage supply
                   low voltage DC supply                          

0–4.0 kV, 9 mA max 2)
9–24 V, 500 mA max 2)
Operating temperature 0–35  °C 3)
Size 104 × 52 × 25 mm

1) Typical value;
2) Test conditions: PRR=100 kHz, C=6 pF, U=4 kV;
3) Heatsink temperature should be bellow 35° C at 100 kHz pulse repetition rate.

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