Oven for Nonlinear Crystals CH7

CH7 is a compact oven with build-in thermocontroller for temperature up to 60 °C. CH7 oven provides more crystal mounting options in comparison with CH3 or CH4. Like in CO1, each crystal is mounted into adapter before insertion in oven. CH7 and CO1 crystal adapters are compatible. Maximum crystal size for this model is 12x12 mm. and the length of the crystal - 30 mm.

The pre-set temperature can be adjusted in ±5°C range by the help of potentiometer. The current temperature is not indicated.  CH7 has “temperature ready” signal, changing state when pre-set temperature is reached. For additional protection of crystal surfaces from the dust or other contamination, we offer CH7-20 model – windowed version of CH7 oven.


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Description, features

*Sizes 3x3, 4x4, ... 15x15 are standard

** y/y, y/z - crystal size, x-preset temperature in degrees of Celsius (30-60 deg range)

CH7-15 - Provides READY signal, stability ±0.2°K, crystal length up to 15 mm

Code Description, features Price Delivery Add to cart
CH7-15-y/y-x Standard crystal sizes* 622 $ Request To cart
CH7-15-y/z-x Non-standard crystal sizes 684 $ Request To cart
CH7-15-y/y-80 Version for temperature up to 80° C 702 $ Request To cart

CH7-20 - Provides ready signal, with AR coated windows for crystal protection

Code Description, features Price Delivery Add to cart
CH7-20-y/y-x Fixed temperature in RT-60 1219 $ Request To cart
CH7-20-y/y-80 Version for temperature up to 80° C 1295 $ Request To cart

CH7-30 - Provides ready signal, stability +-0,2 deg K, crystal length up to 30 mm

Code Description, features Price Delivery Add to cart
CH7-30-y/y-x Standard crystal sizes* 718 $ Request To cart
CH7-30-y/z-x Non-standard crystal sizes 779 $ Request To cart
CH7-30-y/y-80 Version for temperature up to 80° C 793 $ Request To cart

Mounting Accessories

Code Description, features Price Delivery Add to cart
MS-1 Two axis tilt adjustment 5 degrees range, suitable for all types of CH3, CH4 or CH7 crystal ovens. See Drawings & Mounts 226 $ Request To cart
MS-2 Two axis tilt stage, adjusment in 5 degree range, fits two pieces of CH3 or CH4 ovens. See Drawings & Mounts 384 $ Request To cart
MS-3 Adapter for CH3/CH4 mounting on rotary stage, 15 degrees fine tuning, angle read-out.*** . See Drawings & Mounts 96 $ Request To cart

Power Supply

Code Description, features Price Delivery Add to cart
PS-12-CH7 100-240 VAC mains, +12 VDC output 77 $ Request To cart
Model CH7-15 CH7-30
Temperature tuning range near preset
± 5 °C
Maximum crystals dimensions 15x15x15 mm
15x15x30 mm
Sealing (optional) FS windows
Preset temperature 30-60 (80) °C
Long-term stability
± 0.2 °C
Temperature OK output signal Present
Powering requirements 12-15 V DC
Power consumption 6 W
Sensor type NTC Thermo resistor
Output connector Binder 719, 3 pin
Dimensions, WxHxD 48x50x44, mm 48x50x56, mm
Specifications are subject to changes without advance notice.
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