Precision Translation Stages 860-0020, -0030, -0040, -0050

Model 860‑0020, 860‑0030, 860‑0040, 860‑0050 precision translation stages provide smooth and precise platform movement along one axis. They feature precision ball bearing construction, with hardened balls rolling between opposing pairs of hardened, polished steel rods. Carefully selected springs ensure preloading against the actuator tip to eliminate backlash. Four models of precision translation stages provide a real choice for wide range of applications.


Universal construction of translation stages allows to construct unit from two or three stages by the help of model 810‑0080 or model 810‑0090 angle brackets.


For direct mounting of model 860-0020 and 860-0030 stages to the table a use of model 820‑0110-04 movable base is recommended, for models 860‑0040 and 860-0050 – model 820‑0110-02 movable base is used.


Finish: black oxidized steel.


Estimated delivery time: from 4 - 5 days

Clear aperture
Drive position
Code Clear aperture Drive position Weight Price Delivery Add to cart
860-0020 no side 1.72 kg 235 $ Request To cart
860-0030 yes side 1.59 kg 244 $ Request To cart
860-0040 no end 1.64 kg 227 $ Request To cart
860-0050 yes end 1.51 kg 235 $ Request To cart


Max. stage travel

25 mm


2 µm

Reading accuracy

10 µm

Angular deviation (any axis)

± 200 µrad

Max. straightness

± 3 µm

Max. loading capacity

30 kg

solidworks Precision Translation Stages - DWG file
solidworks Precision Translation Stages - STEP file


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