Motorized Mirror Mounts 940-0050

Motorized Mirror Mounts 940-0050 are designed for precise angular alignment of optical elements. The platform is tilted about two axes, while a retaining ring keeps optics in a non-through mounting opening of the platform. The ring is fixed by 3 screws. It has 3 dents with which it clamps optics against similar 3 rests in the platform. The dents are exactly opposite to the rests – this minimizes deformation.


As a standard motorized translation and rotation stages are provided with a damper. Revolution sensor and encoder are availbale under request. More information


Controller and power supply are not included and have to be ordered separately.


Estimated delivery time: from 5 - 6 days

Optics diameter
Optics clear aperture
Code Optics diameter Optics clear aperture Price Delivery Add to cart
940-0051 ø 25.4 mm (1") ø 21.4 mm 690 $ Request To cart
940-0053 ø 40 mm ø 36 mm 690 $ Request To cart
940-0055 ø 50.8 mm (2") ø 46.8 mm 690 $ Request To cart
Tilt range ±5° both axes
Visual reading dial knobs graduated in 200 steps per revolution
Resolution 0.0016° (0°00'06") per step
Optics thickness 10 mm (retaining rings for custom thickness available)

Optics accepted
diameter (D), clear aperture (A):


D = 25.4 mm (1”), A = 21.4 mm
D = 40 mm, A = 36 mm
D = 50.8 mm (2”), A = 46.8 mm
(custom sizes are available)

Material black anodized aluminium
Motor connector    DB9(M)
Mechanical end limit switches 2 per motor
Switch polarity
pushed is closed
Recommended controller 980-0942
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