Computer Software for Motorized Attenuator

  • Control of single stepper motor with two wheels and up to 8 filters in every wheel
  • Three different transmittance tables can be configured for three different wavelengths
  • Operation in transmittance and optical density modes
  • Program can choose the best combination for required transmittance or optical density, or filters defined by a user can be set
  • Different speed and step division options

Computer Software for Motorized Attenuator is designed to control motorized attenuator unit with one of our stepper motor controllers: 980-0040-USB or 980-0030-RS232.
Motorized attenuator together with program can be applied in all kinds of optical circuitry where variable transmittance has to be achieved.

Program allows to change transmittance or optical density of an attenuator 991-0602 and 991-0702 easily. Just enter transmittance or optical density values, and the program will select the closest two filters. Or you can select the filters directly.


The simple interface allows to use the program right away. For each of the three different wavelengths it stores a set of filter transmittance values, which can be modified by a user. "Density/Transmittance" button switches between these modes at any time.

All system configuration information and current state of an attenuator is stored in a file and is automatically reloaded after the program starts.


Note: any of our software works only with our controllers.

980-0040-USB is used with 991-0602,

980-0030-RS232 is used with 991-0702.



  • PC compatible computer with any minimal Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP instalation
  • Display
  • Step Motor Controllers


 Wheel N1 Wheel N2 
1 1
0.9  0.8 
0.5  0.3 
0.1  0.03 
0.01  0.003 
0.001  0.0003 
0.0001  0.00003 


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