Copper (Cu) Mirrors

  • Very high thermal conductivity

Copper (Cu) metal mirrors are intended for the following typical applications: optical resonators in pulsed and CW high power IR lasers optical systems of transforming, transmitting and focusing of laser beams. The working surface of Cu mirrors is treated by diamond turning or polishing. Treated surfaces are coated with corrosion-resistant, reflective and protective-reflecting coatings. Copper mirror is typically used for high-power CO2 laser system, it has high thermal conductivity.


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Code Diameter Thickness Price Delivery Add to cart
570-6250 ø 25.4 mm 6 mm 237 $ Request To cart
570-6380 ø 38,1 mm 10 mm 248 $ Request To cart
570-6500 ø 50.8 mm 10 mm 270 $ Request To cart





Density, g/cm3


Surface quality

40-20 scratch & dig (MIL-PRF-13830B)

Clear aperture

>80% of diameter

Diameter tolerance

+0.0 -0.12 mm

Thickness tolerance

±0.25 mm

Surface flatness

λ/4 @ 633 nm

Operation wavelength

10.6 µm


protected gold

Reflectivity for unpolarised radiation

> 99%



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