Lasers & Laser Modules

EKSMA OPTICS introduces OEM Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers (DPSS), Diode Laser Modules and Laser Accessories. DPSS Lasers lasers includes: 473 nm blue lasers, 532 nm green lasers, 671 nm Red lasers and 1064 nm infrared lasers. OEM DPSS lasers are offered with OEM, Lab or Lab Adjustable type power supplies. OEM Diode laser modules includes: 405 nm violet blue, 445 nm blue, 635 nm and 650 nm red ones. OEM Diode laser modules are available with Lab, Lab Adjustable or OEM type power supplies. OEM DPSS Lasers and Diode Laser Modules can be applied in laser shows, displays, laser alignment, scanning biochemistry, material inspection LIDAR. Laser accessories includes goggles, spectacles and visualizator.

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