Positioning Mount 840-0056-11

Kinematic Positioning Mount 840-0056 is used for precise angular and linear alignment of 1'' (25.4 mm) ring holders with nonlinear crystals. Mount has a resting flange to stop the optics. One fixing screw secures optics against hard rests, which make 2 contact points. To prevent damage to the optics, the tip of the fixing screw is made of plastic.


  • Tilt range - 9°
  • Travel range - 4 mm
  • Sensitivity 3 arcsec or 1µm
  • Mounting on either of 2 sides

The platform of 840-0056 mount is preloaded by two strong coil springs, ensuring tight kinematic fit. A thick base adds to stability. This allows to eliminate part of the mount, keeping one edge of the optics clear.


As a standard, 840-0056 comes with the screws 870-0080 (with knobs).


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